Why Cyc-Lok?

  • Revenue Generating (paid model)
  • Provides for Safe and Secure Bike Parking
  • Encourages commuting to work
  • Utilises Investment in Bike To Work Scheme Bikes
  • Reduces the requirement for ‘overflow’ car parking spaces
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint
  • Self managing
  • Use current RFID cards or designated PIN
  • Management console available
  • Simple to use – instructions on tower
  • Book and pay via app or website
  • Keep your bike and belongings safe and secure
  • Weatherproof
  • Pay as you go option – no subscription
  • Park anywhere, anytime safely
  • Keyless
  • Available to all cyclists, no need to book
  • Alarmed for added security Alarmed for added security 

Cyc-lok is an access controlled modular bike locker system containing 12 separate lockers as part of one unit. Cyc-lok is completely enclosed, protecting your bike from 3rd party viewing, providing safety, security and is weatherproof which in turn allows the user to walk away knowing their possessions are safe and secure until they return.